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A childish delinquent whose made 3 games with Jake they are called:merch mania,tunnel Blobber,merch mania he does vids with Romell Henry (tgf)
Oy na whose that childish delinquent

Jay Swingler why

He didn’t like the video man
by Itz_em June 05, 2018
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Spends his shitty life making embarrassing videos that million of people watch and some how enjoy. Mostly used words contain cereal bar, what do you mean and childish. Being a youtuber who nearly died from getting his head stuck in a microwave, we all know that whenever another video is uploaded on the TGFBro channel with rommel henry, its gonna be another dumb idea that is somehow hilarious.
Me: how is jay swingler still alive?
Bob: dont know. Really should be dead by now.
Me: well im glad he aint!
by InternetFangirl1 February 03, 2018
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