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a century-long siege against the fuckboys. many skeletons have fallen in the war, but the battle rages on.
it doesn't matter what you like like on the outside, because on the inside, you are a skeleton, and one day, you will slay countless fuckboys in skeleton war.
by Brian McBrian October 21, 2014
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A war that has been waging for centuries. If you don't get "rest in pieces" written on your grave you will join the skeleton army. It is a warrior against the fuckboys, and more recently (2016 & 2017) against porn stars on Instagram as well)
If you fuckers do the skeleton War shit this year again we're deleting the website -Tumblr
by TheRebelWolf September 14, 2017
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The everlasting war fighting against the fuckbois and thots. You can join by choice, but are automatically drafted when your tombstone does not have "Rest in Pieces" engraved on it.
Jerry started to defend his side of the skeleton war when he saw a thot and had to destroy it
by JOEBOBSTEVBOB November 09, 2017
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