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1) Large, anorexic, prehistoric-looking birds which try to prevent the Gelflings from replacing the crystal shard in the "Dark Crystal." Written and directed by Jim Henson in 1982.

2) a friend/foe which you currently do not like very much.

3) when combined with "-smurfer," one creates a euphemism for "mother-fucker."
1) " 'You know what I think? Skeksis scatter them all over place so right one don't get found.' "--From "Dark Crystal"

2) Austin is being such a skeksis bitch!

3) God!!! What a skeksis-smurfer!
by D. Shuman January 09, 2008
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Skeksis were originally a villain from the dark crystal but after the odd 1s out video on it it was the given new meaning now it's associated with the most sexiest(skeksiest) bird of all time so your probably wondering what tipe of skeksis are there(and what kind of one am I most like) well that's simple there are SkekAvuks and there a little on plus sized side and they are sexist but are racy as well next the SkekNa your a little bit older but ultimately a wild card you mostly like beer an queen Victoria now we have the skecEct who is rather a feminist but your not like the ones that get triggered from assuming there gender ther a woman and the're proud of it now we have a skeksis Ok who's basically a skeksis that has alot of glasses and there's a skekShod who is a rather preachy skeksis now on to the term skekxy which ultimately is a word adding sexy + skeksis to say a hot skeksis now on to the most famous skeksis of all chamberlain who became the most famous skeksis of for having the most screen time of any skeksis and having meemy quotes like these mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MAKE PEACE!!!!!!! And time for me to make my move saddlly the FEMALE emperor died. Skeksis are also a fan of the Victorian era
My favorite creatures in the dark crystal are the skeksis
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by Boston Kid May 06, 2017
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