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To have or to engage in sexual relations in a completely friendly way. Skauding is the only possible way for two humans of the same sex to have sexual relations without being homosexual. As long as the actions are completely friendly, it is considered skauding and is completely appropriate.

Skauding is known to be much more rough and messy than making love as it is usually practiced is spur of the moment situations, many times in public places, or places that lack the privacy needed to make love.

Also, skauding can be used as a manner to have sexual relationships with the opposite sex without becoming engaged in a relationship.
Evan : I'm really bored. What should we do?
Eric : want to skaud?
Evan : Of course!

Whitny : We should date.
Cliff : Nah, I like being single. But we could skaud!
Whitny : Sounds like fun!
by Joel-X April 11, 2006
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