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A sub-genre of electronica music typically defined by its lackluster quality, pop music structure, and annoying and overbearing vocals. Vocalists are usually talentless tone deaf women that are limited to one octave range... guttural shouting.

Vocalists are usually decked out in outrageous fashion forward costumes, makeup, or create sexy eccentric (sexcentric???) personalities to detract from the obvious... Their music is only worth a cheap hip jiggle by some inebriated floozie on the dancefloor.

Over compressed preschool-level drum beats and bland uninspiring synth leads typically carry the song along. Often receives immense airplay from brainless Top 40 radio stations. Example of skanktronica include: Ke$ha, Cascada, Lady Gaga, and the Paradiso Girls.
Jill McClubslut: "Patron! Tequila! Me and my mamacitas..."

Leslie: What are you listening to?

Jill McClubslut: Oh it's the Paradiso Girls. They fucking rock! DJ Dweeby McMainstream was spinning this along with Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" down at SCENE 61 last night. This stuff is my going out anthem!

Leslie: Ohh... well it's a bunch of skanktronica if you ask me. Pure cheese. May I suggest Imogen Heap?

Jill McClubslut: What! She totally sampled that Jason DeRulo song!

Leslie: *facepalm*
by Define Me! January 14, 2010
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