An 8-piece ska band from San Diego California- generally two-tone ska. Formed in 2003 by with only 5 members, the band has progressed far beyond what any of them ever intended. Performing songs about anything from summertime and dirty bitches to "gohsts" and sheep, while covering songs like "Forgot About Dre" and "Drunken Sailor," ~Los Agentes de Skank~ know exactly how to please the crowd and their loyal fans. Now, several demos and line-up changes later, The Skank Agents have grown into one of the most promising amateur bands in SoCal. They recently released their first professional, full-length album "Boat Load of Crazy!" in August of 2006.

The Agents play: Lead Vocals/Trumpet, Drums/Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Saxophones, barry sax, Bass Trombone, Trumpet)

Extra facts:
-only anti-depressing music allowed
-4 of the current members are seniors in highschool, 3 are in college
-lead vocalist/trumpetier is only a Junior, yet is a musical genius; attends a performing arts school.
-saxophonist makes an hour commute -from his college- for every show. He is the master of all saxes.
-drummer/founder has a checkered hat surgically attatched to his head. He can also play the trombone.
-trombone player is also a phenomenal bassist and was so in the band for an extensive amount of the band's existence. He has had a beard since he was 12.
-barry saxophonist and second trumpetier competively play soccer together.
-guitarist is a bro
-current bassist is friggin GOOD at bass. He can often be found during a set, just layin down on stage while STILL playing. He does not own a cell phone.
"Hey hey kids we're the Skank Agents" -Anthem
by SkankAgents Chick November 23, 2006
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A prostitutional Agent with Skanky or slutty friends.
Stubbe told Kaufman that she would not consider herself a pimp but a ‘skank agent,’ meaning that she was an agent with skanky friends.”
by TheAgentofLove October 15, 2010
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