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Those nasty Red Lobster bitches who don't have shit and think that eating at Red Lobster is the end-all be-all of high cuisine. You bitches know who I'm talking to... y'all make your man take you to Red Lobster, cuz it's over-priced frozen-ass nasty seafood, but it's expensive, so you make your man take you there and drop a $150 tab on dinner for two, then when he takes you home to fuck ya, you got shrimp scampi all over ya damn pants, and ya smell like shit. Ya smell like a nasty ass shrimp that's been pissed on and rolled in garlic.
Skampy-pants called me again today, man... damn Red Lobster groupie won't take the claws out.
by g[x] April 29, 2004
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a nickname given to a girl who just got done having sex with 12 people and has "remnance of all 12 deeds" visibly on her pants.
Look at that whore, she's got skampy pants.
by gallakanukis January 15, 2004
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