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skanky, janky, and ugly; narsty
That skaggy bitch tries to get with everyone, but nobody will touch her cos she's so skaglicious
by redhedinsanity November 18, 2006
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the condition of creepiness. a person who gives a vibe of being willing to commit crimes of the sexual nature against children and animals.
That van outside the elementary school is skaggy. We should contact the authorities.
by KennethMoore11 October 08, 2012
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The general feeling of despair and/or lack of motor coordination associated with the morning after a person has used ecstasy (MDMA). An ecstasy 'hangover', if you will.
"Fuck, you look skaggy. How many yokes did you take last night?"

"Man, those buzzers last night were shite. I'm so on the skag this morning.

"I'm so skaggy right now it's ridiculous. Seriously, just kill me. Savage buzz last night, though."
by criminally_insane February 18, 2008
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Adjective: Skaggy describes a person, usually a female, who somehow manages to be skinny and flabby, or saggy, at the same time. Usually accompanied by cellulite and a pair of daisy dukes.

Verb form: to skag
Noun form: a skag
That woman is skaggy.

Can also be used as a verb: A person might be skagging if they are eating ho-hos while watching soap operas, or holding a baby while smoking a cigarette.
by Nattie-Lite May 30, 2008
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