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A twat so amazing that it sizzles. A lady known to live in Temecula, CA and be a member of the most exclusive club in town. She likes to go to Palm Springs every summer, break cups, eat sandwiches in the Jacuzzi and lounge in her active wear. She is awesome and amazing, hilarious beyond compare. She is loyal and generous, and her farts smell like angel kisses. She can be clumsy and fall down stairs and break things. She can cannonlog the shit out of a pool. Her laugh can be a cackle you hear in your dreams or nightmares. She can be a clean eating super freak or eat Twinkies for breakfast. She likes dolphin shaped sex toys and has a gag reflex like a baby eating solids for the first time. She can make chainsaw noises like a mother fucker and take out a cactus with her toes. She will dry hump a pool noodle, be freakishly strong and known to have a clean shaven snatch like stamped concrete. Also answers to the name Cookie Killjoy, Virginia, Mime, Sweet Tea, Cannonlog, Chainsaw, Fluffy, Tiki Tiki and Cactus Dawn.
Hey have you heard of those Sizzling Twats? Those bitches are bad ass. I want to be a member of that group!
by Fluffy Orange Princess January 13, 2018
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The most amazing group of women ever assembled. You can find them every summer visiting Palm Springs. Hide your cups, these bitches have been known to break a few. They enjoy sandwiches in hot tubs, dry humping pool noodles and masturbating to the soothing sounds of Michael Bolton.
The sizzling twats are one bad ass group of meat flaps.
by Fluffy Orange Princess April 24, 2018
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