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The six day was a military conflict that took place for six days in june of 1967. The combatants involved were Israel against the arab nations of Jordan, Syria and Egypt. The war began when Egyptian forces placed an embargo on imports of crude to Israel. Israel retaliated by launching an unprecedented and decisive air strike on over a dozen airbases in Egypt. With air-cover being non-existent the advancing Egyptian army was annihalated* by various means of Israeli fire power (including napalm). Jordan's forces were also pushed back as the west bank was captured by paratroopers.
On the northern border the Syrian stronghold known as the Golan Heights was slowly taken over, Israeli commandos resorted to close combat for this battle.
After the cease-fire was signed Israel had captured the entire sinai penninsula* and had decimated the armies of all it's surrounding enemies. Never has so many been defeated by so few, so quickly.
the six day war was a tremendous success
by shogunate June 25, 2007
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