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Six corners are 3 street intersections predominantly found in Chicago. The official Six Corners, however, is the Irving Park-Milwaukee-Cicero intersection in the Portage Park neighborhood. Contrary to a belief emerging amongst newer residents of Chicago, Six Corners is NOT the North-Damen-Milwaukee intersection in Wicker Park.
Mike: I usually take the Blue Line after shopping at Six Corners.

Tom: Haha, that's a pretty far walk. Wait…

Mike: Nah dude, the Blue Line's really-

Tom: Don't say it.

Mike: -near. I get on the Damen stop-

Tom: Mike, don't fucking say it.

Mike: -which is literally a two-minute walk from-

Tom: Mike, you hopeless fucking individual, if you call the three-street intersection in Wicker Park "Six Corners," I will shove a bottle of MalΓΆrt inside your ass. Then I'll shove it in your throat. The bottle, Mike, not the actual liquid. The glass bottle. I will break it as it's lodged in your esophagus and you will die with the bitter mixture of blood and Satan-sperm in your mouth. Now, and I will only say this once, Six Corners is in Portage Park. Remember that.
by Jellooooo October 23, 2015
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Intersection of 3 streets, making 6 corners instead of a standard intersection with 4 corners. In Chicago, there are many six corners because of the many diagonal streets like Milwaukee, Elston. Lincoln and Clark.

These are a traffic nightmare. Long waits at the light and people never know which street to turn on.
Jake: We're at a great bar. Come meet us... it's at six corners.

Steph: So is that Division/Milwaukee/Ashland? Lincoln/Fullerton/Halsted? Gotta be more specific, chief!
by ChicagoDiva February 18, 2008
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