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To hurriedly wash yourself, usually in one area of your body, in a sink in a way that you'd usually do in a shower or bath.

You could shampoo your hair, wash your feet, or anything in between.

It's often, but not always, done secretly in desperation: there's no time to shower or bathe, or you don't have access to a shower or bath, like at work.
"Oh, man, you're just too funky. Sink wash your junk and come and fuck me."

"You having a bad hair or what? You're gonna have to sink wash your hair before the meeting."
by fredb March 04, 2009
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Washing areas, or parts of ones body in a sink or basin, rather than completely bathing, or showering
"I've been masturbating alot today,
I'd better sinkwash my balls before my date this evening"
by dreglen January 26, 2009
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–verb (used with object)
1. To leave one's eating utensils in the kitchen sink for an extended period of time, for the purpose of cleansing.

2. Used in an euphemistic sense; i.e. to learn through an osmotic process.
1. Chick: Why, Charles, when might you cleanse the porcelain and cutlery you have here in your sink? What say you?
Charles: Oh, don't you worry my dear, I'm sinkwashing them. As a matter of fact, the plates and serving apparatus at the bottom of the pile should be cleansed, they've been rinsing now since Saturday.

2. Chick (on phone): Manfred! How is Germany? Now that you've been there for two years, how are your language skills?
Manfred: Yeah, ok. I'm just sinkwashing my German.
by grugmeister May 08, 2010
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