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A slightly contemptuous and casually thrown-out phrase monotonized by self-deprecating (generally young) people who appear to care more about "relationship goals" than life goals or any sort of self-actualization. Usually said like a knee-jerk reaction after witnessing a singular happy moment in the life of a somewhat visual couple they might not actually know in real life. Its usually a sign of increased desperation for the ephemeral love of a future stranger. May or may not mention their increased love of food. May or may not have grasped that you have your whole life (70+ years) ahead to find someone and should try to enjoy the solace and uniqueness of own company, your families', your friends', and the real life people who care about you while they're still there:) P.s. Relationships can be nice but a dog's love is forever.
*Watches a video of a couple making food*
Person A: *expresses thoughts on the actual content* "That looks really delicious! I'm definitely trying that."
Person B: *feels the need to express their own apparently "depressing" status in comparison. "That internet couple looks sooo perfect. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here single af.
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by StardustDragon April 09, 2017
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The thing a generally misguided woman will say while proceeding to give head to all the boys in the squad
You: "Start suckin hoe.."
Her: "okay! Cuz I'm single af!"
by Alcohol n juuls August 12, 2018
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