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a joke that was once a party starter but then simon came along and ruined it!!!
Simon: hey guys, i have a 2 inch penis.

Everybody: shut the fuck up simon
*everybody procedes to beat the crap out of simon*

Simon: no please.. THE PAIN!!!
by X1z.Lachy March 29, 2005
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A joke so sinister in its banality that it would cause any person nearby to suddenly revert to silence, and shudder.
Person: hey Simon, i heard you went out on the weekend.

Simon: yeah, with your mother! for a one night stand!

a long silence where everyone looks anywhere but at Simon.

Person: so you went alone to a movie

Simon: ............yes
by The A Man March 30, 2005
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What one would a call something that is said following a good joke, making the person who said it look like a retard and causing the room one of those awkward silences.

ie. a joke that follows another but isnt funny.

This term was first used to label the jokes told by Simon Green but its uses are now widespread.
Someone funny tells a joke.

Someone else: Talking about that matter, what about your mum last night!

Other people in that group: That's such a lame Simon Joke.

*Awkward Silence*
by kurupted_gwyla March 29, 2005
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