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Laughing so hard that the voice box shuts down and the body jerks around in spasmatic efforts to make a noise.
Anneliese, watching from her bed, was in the middle of one of those spasms of SILENT LAUGHING that wrack your body with convulsions and render you unable to make a single noise. You're like a whacked-out mime immitating a gleeful chimpanzee who just threw a handful of faeces at someone from behind the bars at the zoo.
by missbandit May 20, 2006
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when something is so funny and you try to laugh but instead it just comes out as weird sounds
hey bob! quit that silent laughing and get back to work! I CAN STILL HEAR YOU!
by ONASDFLKASF July 02, 2007
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Laughing silently:

1) What you're probably doing right now if you're on this site reading definitions instead of doing your damn homework, and not supposed to be on the computer. Usually accompanied by snorts and gasps, as well as tearing of the eyes and spasms.
2) What you do when your friend's brother disses your friend real good, and you don't want your friend to get pissed at you for laughing your ass off.
1) Parent: "Son, what are you doing up there? What's so funny? You better not be on that Urban Dictionary site!"

Son: "*buckling with silent laughter* Sh-hart! Ha ha ha ha...!"

2) Brother: "Go give Kevin's sis a hot Carl, you fucking SP.ED."

You: "Hee..Hee...*silent laughing*"

Friend: "What the fuck are you laughing for, get the hell out of my house!"
by noobtacular April 14, 2008
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