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a type of friendship exclusive to teenaged girls that allows a pair of friends to remain friends eventhough they hate each other. a silent hate friendship will exist as long as the friends involved keep to the following rules: when in a silent hate friendship one may inform the other of their true hate for her using subltle insults and the 'bitch and tell method' another aspect of teenaged girl friendships where everyone bitches about everyone and everyone tells everyone everything anyone has said about everyone, this method is very convenient to silent hate friendships as it provides an easy way of the 2 friends to comunicated through other girls their age, directly insulting each other without confrontation, a silent hate friendship will end if both friends are forced to openly acknowledge their hate for each other, in the same room together face to face, which will result in many days of arguing, gossiping and atleast 1 facebook fight.
girl1: hey:)
girl2: i hate you, there i said it
girl1: wow i guess thats the end of our silent hate friendship
girl2: yeah that was very mature of us
girl1: sure was,now im gonna go tell my friends about how much of a whore u are
girl2: and im gonna go on facebook and start spamming your wall and inbox with poinless hate messages until it turns into a massive bitch fight
girl1: yayyyy bitch fight!!!!!!
by superspyninjabadasshellbeast January 05, 2011
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