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when two people fight using not real froms of communication but continuously change their facebook status to describe their hatred or discontent for another individual at a certain time. Usually used by angry girls to bitch at boys and so that everyone can see the two are fighting, also useful for attention whores who crave that generated response of "whats wrong" when asked about their status.
Guy 1: dude last night i swiped kristens vcard then pulled a premature evacuation and now the bitch keeps on posting her status as "that little fucking bastard, i hope he dies in hell" every ten minutes on facebook.
Guy 2: Sounds like the bitch is starting a Facebook fight.

by Delaware January 02, 2008
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When 2 random kids start a "fight" on facebook after one comments on someone's status and another kid begs to differ so they write how kid#1 is wrong. They then start commenting back and fourth and eventually other kids get involved and add their 2 cents, even though no one really gives a shit. It makes the person whose status it was originally, want to shoot themselves becuase they get 50 notifications via e-mail. Because there are so many comments, these usually show up in the "Top News" feed giving them even more attention. The so-called fight is usually about some insignificant shit that doesn't even really matter. The "fight" doesn't neccesarily have to do with the original status.
Conor: Did you hear Paul and Tom are fighting?
Sam: yeahh, it came up on my newsfeed.

Conor: Whose side are you taking?
Sam: probably Tom's, but its just a facebook fight. It probably wont get carried away.
by maylordarias March 15, 2010
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