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Head Moderator At Tim Buckely's CtrlAltDel webcomic.

Often critized for taking a 'nazi' approach to forum members, particularly during the infamous RoMicide.

Also knows as Sid, he is widely respected, and known, to be one of the top moderators on the Internet.

Though a common hate figure, his devotion and drive cannot be doubted.
Sidnaceous banned me again. He's so strict!
by CAD Member October 17, 2006
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Head moderator At Tim Buckely's CtrlAltDel webcomic. Very strict with the adherence of rules, but with a tendency to use own power to evade rules himself, particularly those concerned with putting down other users.

Has the internet persona of an adolescent and seems proud of it, despite being a thirty-nine-year-old, undemployed father.

Continuously seeks opportunities where he can build himself into a clever, morally superior person to other CAD users. Often uses cynical sarcasm like it is the epitome of wit.
"Cyric loves the caulk. Uses it to fill plumbers crack.
It's true."
Last edited by Sidnaceous; 07-09-2009 at 06:59 PM.
by CAD goon July 18, 2009
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The mod overlord for the CAD comic. He is fun to mess with. Be careful though because he will temp or even perma ban
you for the smallest of infractions without even giving you a
warning. Although you can always create a new account (even with a slightly different username) and be back in a snap.
User deviates slightly from the thread's topic. Sidnaceous bans for spam.
by V_Kabakov January 12, 2009
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