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"Chomber commited RoMicide."

RoMicide describes the practice of banning anybody related to the CAD comic (Ctrl + Alt + Del) "RoM incident", wherein some rather nasty rumours about the comic's artist were leaked, and in reaction, the artist deleted an entire subsection of the forum (Known as RoM, or Rantings of Madmen), and banned everybody involved. So, FalconX, a "RoMite" created his own forum, where the banned "RoMites" could hang out. Following this, everybody who mentions the incident or the URL for the new RoM forums are instantly "permabanned" (permanent ban).

"Chomber commited RoMicide."
by Chomber September 28, 2005
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The extermination of a large part of the Ctrl-Alt-Del forum community on September 12, 2005, due to a rumor started about the administrator of the forums, Tim Buckley. Onslaught, a forum member, started a rumor that Tim had sent pictures of his penis to Amber, another forum member.

In response, Tim shut down the "Rantings of Madmen" section of the forum, and exterminated many of the RoM posters. Even though the moderators on the CAD forums attempted to save the community, they too were banned. By doing this, he proved the rumor as true.
When I had found out about the RoMicide, I was appalled, and decided to leave the CAD forums for the new RoM Forums.
by Someone who survived the RoMicide September 28, 2005
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An act on the internet that destroys a forum's most frequented community. Often, after a RoMicide, the remaining sections of said interntet forum is run and moderated by faggot nobodies. RoMicides historically have left internet forums either barren and useless, or pointless to return to.
Forum Goer One: I can't believe a whole section of the forum is gone... what happened?

Forum Goer Two: The RoMicide. Now there's no one left here.

Moderator One: Stay on topic.

Admin: ****, you know what, you're banned now too. **** this **** I'm a rockstar with a thousand fans that doesn't need this crap.
by Sid. September 29, 2005
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