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An ammount of liqour that will send you sideways!
Usually denotes inebriation.
"Did you see Reggie last night, he fell through the picture window...obviously he had inbibed far too many SIDEWAYS SOUPS"

"Yo, I got SIDEWAYS SOUPS fo ma crunkshow."

"Sir, could I please have a SIDESWAYS SOUP."

"I'm so thirsty, yet all I can think about is SIDEWAYS SOUPS."

"After a rousing game of golf, the boys gathered on the 19th hole for several rounds of SIDEWAYS SOUP."

"As he rolled through the roadblock the policeman asked him, "Have you had anything to drink tonight? He replied, "None sir, just several SIDEWAYS SOUPS".

"When the husband comes home late at night, his wife asked him, "You've been drinking way too much tonight, honey!" He replied, "No, sweetie, I only had a couple of SIDEWAYS SOUPS"

"Sideways soups, "The drink you don't have to count."

"As the golfer aced the 14th hole at his local course, he advised the course marshall that he'd be buying several rounds of sideways soups at the clubhouse"

"The aspiring UBC engineer challenged himself and his stomach by attempting to drink 40 sideways soups.

"As I approached the Communion altar, the Priest offered me bread and said, "The body of Christ". Soon after, another Priest came along and said, "The SIDEWAYS SOUP of CHRIST". That saint shot back the wine with vigour.

"As Tom Brady and the New England Patriots rushed triumphantly off the field after winning yet another Super Bowl, the media asked him, "What are you gonna do now, Tom? He said, "Me have SIDEWAYS SOUP in Super Bowl, then take Super Bowl to Disneyland."

"As Roberto Luongo skated off the ice after his 5th straight shut-out, the media asked him, "To What do you attribute to your success?". He answered, "While, the 18 SIDEWAYS SOUPS have made double-vision a goalie's best friend".

"On Christmas, our family no longer leaves milk and cookies for Santa. Instead we leave SIDEWAYS SOUP...and plenty of em'!

"I got nothing, but D's until I tasted my first SIDEWAYS SOUP. All I can say is the they changed my life. "Now it's nothing, but A's."

"My date looked much better after several SIDEWAYS SOUP."

by Ellis Family December 27, 2006
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