When a man and a woman are dating, the man walks on the part of the sidewalk closer to the street and the woman walks on the inside of the sidewalk further from the street.
*girlfriend and boyfriend walking on the sidewalk not following the sidewalk rule*
woman: “let’s switch spots in order to obey the sidewalk rule”
man: “the what?”
woman: “…it’s time to break up”
by Grace knows best March 28, 2022
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When a man walks by his girlfriend on the inside of the sidewalk while making her walk closest to the road, that way if there's any danger she can take the damage leaving the man to escape unharmed. It's human nature.
Reverse sidewalk rule? Nah man, fuck that she can walk closest to the street, I ain't about to take on a moving car.... I'm not about that life, bitches are replaceable, I'm not.
by March 30, 2022
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