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sidetosice on Instagram posts iconic themes and entertaining stories. He is kind, talented and funny. He likes sex and has a big cock.
sidetosice likes sex ! 😱
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by moonlightcockss February 18, 2018
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A once popular page on instagram that shocked and gained everyones love with his great posts turned to a slut who found a new bf every month, eventually got dumped by his man because he couldnt keep his dick in his pants. Got bored and attempted to be selupu.s 2.0 (which failed) and left instagram, hyping himself up to an all-time high. Is known to make a β€˜comeback’ every 3 months with recycled content.
Gab: did sidetosice die
Carlos: nah hes another break ready for the comeback that will be another cupcake theme
Gab: that egotistical beaner
by fuck niqqers October 21, 2018
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