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Mario Kart 64 term in which you have a green shell and and shoot it backwards or forwards and hit your opponent from quite some distance away.
Justin: "Damn Garrett, you just raped me with that green shell."

Garrett: "SICKSHOT!"

Craig: "ZOMFG <3 Garrett."
by SoCoM September 30, 2006
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A Sick Shot is a shot that one takes in his mouth. Most of the time the shots taken are from other men, however animals are sometimes included. Sometimes, the shots will be taken out of shot glasses as well and may be video taped to be streamed on porn sites. A Sick Shot is a degrading way of saying "You sir, are a fag".

Also, a sick shot can be an STD ridden 16 year old who stinks of rejection and bordom and doesn't have a clue about life.
"Hey, remember that one kid? I heard he took a sick shot in the bathroom!"

"No way! What a sick shot!"
by GotAtYou,NowGetBack May 20, 2009
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The Founder of team PUBBERS ,also known as "The Bottom Fragger". This player is known for being full of himself as well as always being on the bottom of the scoreboard. Known to have come somewhere from Mexico, this player is known for his epic misses and lucky clutches. This man thinks he is the mother Fuckin BATMAN, in reality he is just a joker.
Wait is that Sick Shot, on the bottom of the scoreboard again?
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