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A very weird guy who resides on some anime- and Dutch IRC servers. Obsessed with masturbating, camels, monkeys, fishsticks, crap and pr0n in general, but is very intelligent and has a heart of gold.
* sickman9 Quit (Killed (Storm (why did you PM me telling me you want to suck on a monkey's nipple?)))
* sickman9 Quit (Killed (Storm (no, we won't give you founder access to anime-dome, stop asking)))
When are we going to ruk? (ruk is Dutch for jerking)
* sickman9 rukt 6 keer per dag
khou van briefape
er zit tsjop op mun muis
we kunne ook met zun alle kalkoenburgers eten en die dan lekker uitkotsen tijdens het poepe
by Zwartoog April 03, 2004
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