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Awesome, excellent or above average. Often used to portray excitement or enthusiasm.
p1: hey would u like to goto the drags on the weekend?
p2: yeah man, sick nuts.
by stoney2007 August 25, 2005
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Word used in replacement of "sic" or "nuts" a "sicnuts" can be used in one scenario or the other.

or even when both words could be used, and now can be used simultaneously
dude one:

"did you see that guy going round that corned in his sick car in a nuts powerslide?"

dude two:
yeah sicknuts aye
by sleeepy October 20, 2009
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Very good, Aussie surfer term meaning the same as 'gnarly' or 'rad'.
"Check out the waves, dude. They're rad as."
"Sicknut! That's gnarly... "
by FozzyMc March 05, 2005
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Endearing Glasgow slang used to describe one who's actions and outlook verge on insanity, especially if you are in awe of said person. A compound of the words sick(ill) and nut(head)
Did you see Gizzy pan those windaes? He's a pure sicknut!
by Duncan Watson November 18, 2006
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