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shybe shibe adj. old New Orleans slang meaning, 'Man, that's cool." I think it evolved from 'sharp," but I could be wrong.
When Odoms went to space he realized the one thing that was missing was shybe-ness.
by dat nola boi May 19, 2016
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Shybe. A word used to describe an ignorant person who pretends to care least about many things. People that are a Shybe are usually only found on the internet and to be friends with them you must be as cool as him. Shybe's also tend to have huge egos and a large sense of self interest but many of them are simply quiet.
"Yo look at this guy commenting on this vid! He's so savage."
"Nah, he isn't savage I think he's just a Shybe."
by TheTrendyTree October 24, 2017
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