a slang term meaning of course, most definitely or yes.
"fer shure maybe, fer shure not, fer shure ehh, fer shure bomb"
-fer shure, The medic droid
by iLiKEMUSIQQQQ January 22, 2009
Ghetto way of saying "For Sure" People who think they are THE MAN! say it like this
by Morgan June 28, 2004
A way of spelling sure, which implies sarcasm or irony
"I thought your performance was great"

by Cholestroii May 5, 2021
Almost every YouTuber/Streamer/Podcast host has one of these
One of the best microphones on the market
Expensive but great quality if you get the things right
"Do you have a Shure SM7B?"
"no im not rich"
by OnlyAudioTV January 17, 2023