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A shower-wipe is when you are taking a shit and realize it's one of those that will use up a whole roll of toliet paper (usually after a heavy shit) so you just jump in the shower spread your cheeks and clean all the ass waste.
Dude I just took the biggest shit and had no tp left so I just shower-wiped.
by Ben Noxul June 27, 2006
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Taking a shower after defecating to skip the wiping process. This is less messy, as you can wipe your arse with your hands and then wash your hands.
Johnny: "Dude I just dropped a huge one, sorry for the mess"

Dave: "You wipe, or pull the old shower wipe trick?"

Johnny: "Showered obviously, though the back of my hands still smell a bit."
by wankoneoff November 20, 2013
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