a group of friends that are used as to show that you have friends. these friends believe that they are your best friends and that they know every thing about. when in actuality they know almost nothing about you. in most instances you do not have fun just hanging out with these friends because of the boring and pointless conversations they have. most who do have show friends have a small group of real friends that the show friends do not know about.
yea i ditched the show friends to come hang out with you guys, they were getting annoying.
by wing night crew October 24, 2010
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Send this to your friend on Nov 2 and they have to send you a dick pick and if they send it back to you you have to send them a dick pic
Friend 1- show me your dick
Friend 2- eww no
Friend 1 - but it's Show your friends your dick day
Friend 2 - ok 🍆
by Realchickenman November 2, 2022
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January 29th is national show your friend your dick day(or ass). If someone tells you this you have to do it.
Hey joe its national show your friend your dick day!
I'm not showing you anything.
You have to, it's the rule.
I'll show you me dick and butt.
by Combination Torch January 29, 2022
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