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interjection, adjective, noun.
Used to describe or draw attention to an event that is out of the norm of polite, morally incorrect, or an undesirable behavior. E.G. nasty, out of pocket, messed up. Usually used describing relations.
also, shounty
He's still going out with her after she cheated on him? That's shounty.

Guy1: Yeah, they stole my 360, PS3, and refrigerator... I thought they were my friends..
Guy2: Shount!
Guy1: Damn i'm hungry...
by octo12 March 20, 2010
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Shount ...has Many Level's of meaning ,HowEver it started as ... The Feeling YOU get in Your Gut , When SomeOne or SomeThing is Saying,Telling,Trying to convince YOU that YOU SHOULD ... But YOUR InStinct's Say That You DON'T ...
Thats SHOUNT ... <(Pre).... SHOUNT
(Post) > ... The Feeling of Knowing that You SHOULD have Listened to YOUR InStinct's & After the Fact YOU Have to Confess ...> OR ...The NON Involvment Version ... Seeing or Hearing SomeThing ... Thats Makes YOUR InStinct's Say SHOUNT ... TesTolerance... They Say, We Should ... I Say, We Don't ... Just Say, SHOUNT ...
Shount ... > (pre) ... Hey, You want to go Have Some Drink's & Then Go Racing out at the old AirPort,... No , I DON'T Want to ... C'mon YOU SHOULD ... It will Be fun ... NO thanks I DON'T ... Man I Say, YOU SHOULD , C'mon ...
" SHOUNT " ....
(POST) > ... YOU Don't Listen to YOUR InStinct's & YOU Go Drink & Go Race ... A) Nothing happen's YOU Have a GREAT Time ... B) D.U.I. LOSE $$$ & Lic. ect... C) Crash & Burn,Die or Live & KILL SomeOne Else ... I SHOUNT Have Done That ... > NON Involvment ... To See the Struggle Between The DO's & DON'Ts ... & The SHOULD's & SHOUNT's ... & When it happen's ...At that moment ...
by Ace Banger, The Guru January 19, 2008
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When you Feel like You SHOULD, &
You Know You Don't,
Thats SHOUNT ...
It's ALL about Your GUT Feelings & How We Should Listen to Them & What Happens , When We Do & Don't ...
I am Ace Banger, The Guru

They Say We SHOULD,
I Say, We DON'T,
Just Say, SHOUNT ...
by Ace Banger, The Guru February 03, 2009
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The dankest cocaine that you can get. when your face goes numb and your heart starts beating really fast you know its the shount.
let me get a fifty of "shount" or I was sooo shounted last night
by Ryanalimichael June 14, 2008
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