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The act of turning in a whole bunch of applications to different areas of employment in hope that at least one of them employs you.

The "shotgun effect" could mean anything involving multiple usage of something until something happens. It is similar to how a shotgun shoots : it fires a spread of buckshot, so if you're shooting a buckshot round from a distance, you'd better hope at least ONE of the pellets hit the target.
"The shotgun effect is my attempt to get a fucking job. BUT, it never happens. -_-' "
by Dave April 01, 2004
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The shotgun effect is a term for a medication or treatment given to help or cure physical/mental illness that, in order to work, must cause harm to other parts of your body/brain. The damage done is seen as acceptable loss. Chemotherapy and some types of psychiatric medication are implemented with the 'shotgun effect'
"Oh, don't worry about Bob, he's just slobbering and gained 200 pounds because of the shotgun effect! At least now he doesn't sling crap at everyone"
by Scott F. December 01, 2007
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When a girl can't handle the load you blow in her mouth and she spits jizz everywhere.
My girl pulled the shotgun effect on me the other day, she ruined my best pair of silk sheets. Now I gota slap a hoe!
by Fidel Casstro November 29, 2007
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Shotgunning beers in consecutive order to gain a drunk or buzzed feeling with fewer beers then it would take normally.
"Blair only has 6 beers, he needs the shotgun effect to get drunk"
by Blair_lg March 17, 2007
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