Someone who almost never comes through her door way without a shopping bag. A shopoholic is usually super-rich and popular. Addicted to shopping.
Massie Block from 'The Clique Series' by Lisi Harrison is a shopoholic.
by Olivia Ravel August 15, 2006
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the kind of person that gives the best christmas gifts
thank god my moms a shopoholic! look at this shiny new car....:D
by la textaholic November 29, 2009
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An alcoholic beverage women drink with one purpose, to get hammered to the point they have purchased one of everything in their size from the mall.
Guy #1: That lady is such a shopoholic, did you see how many Nordstrom bags she was carrying?

Guy #2: Yeah I know right. She downed three bottles of shopohol before checking out.
by Turkey Torso November 27, 2009
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