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1) a word used to add an extra burn to a diss

2) used as a diss when you see something worth cussin
ie: somebody says "your jacket is rubbish", then another person can say "Shoewz"

If someone has done something stupid, or has a crap peice of clothing (especially shoes), you can say "Shoewz"
by debunk October 12, 2007
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pronounced: sho-ow-wzz
meaning: used to indicate a bad/rubbish item, idea, piece of clothing, car, hairstyle, event... ect

coined in a south london school, where it was originally used to diss a boy called Shea (pronounced "shay") due to his very bad shoes. The original phrase was used in conjunction with his name in a distorted way:

Shea Shoewz, pronounced She-aa-sho-ow-wzz

after which, it became widespread as a general diss for any bad clothing, hairstyle, event (such as getting told off by teachers), or any other bad/rubbish physical object
guy walks in with crap shoes, the other guys can shay "SHOEWZ!"
by junefunk November 16, 2007
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