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the first hokage of the leaf village & leader of the senjuclan he along side madara uchiha built the leaf village. It is said that only shodai can use mukoton
or wood release.which is done by simultaneously releasing
both the earth and water release.
i can make that plant grow cuz im shodai
by backlash wave April 24, 2008
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Shodai is what you call an individual with a large boner, basically referring to how the Hokage of the hidden leaf used wood techniquesโ€” except this is a very different type of wood.
Bryce: Bro, Gary so fucking dumb.
Tim: Yeah, really stupid.
Gary: You two are just mad youโ€™re not a Shodai like me.
by Iโ€™m A Shodai May 22, 2018
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