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1.) Holy Cow, or gee-wilikers, a term used during an act of great shock or astonishment.

2.) A breed of oompa-loompas that create kindness in one's life.

Origin: Developed during the Dark Ages, and since kindness was shocking, thats the word's origin. (see def. 2)
Shnikies, it's a Udavi!!!!
by Shama lama ding dong May 30, 2008
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a slang word made up by a 13 year old named Emily Nielsen. she first made this word up when she burned her self on her curling iorn and insted of saying Shit she said Shniky so she wouldnt get in trouble. and sooo it's just a word to replace a bad word and it sounds funny
SHNIKY! i got a paper cut . . . it hurts.
by Emily Nielsen October 27, 2004
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