NOT an inside joke, simply a cheap water pipe i would like to share
a gatorade/vitamin watter bottle one melts a hole in the side and inserts a 4-5in long plastic tube in the melted hole. then one aquires a small metal cone (bowl). put another hole on the back of the bottle near the top. then you fill up the water bottle with very little water ( to much water, to big of bubbles). at this point, get a tupperware (not to big) and insert your favorite heral smoking plant (weed) and a appropriate ammount of spliff (rolling tobacco tastes the best) chop up the soulution with your favorite pair of sciccors. scoop the mixture into the metal cone and hit the shlade
be sure to hit very slowly or else the bottle will fill up to fast and you wont be able to clear it. smoke who bowl to your face, load it again and pass that shit.

average price for shlade 5-7$
gatorade bottle 1.50$
tubing 1.78-5$(depending on how much you buy
cone 1-2$

getting realllllly high priceless
yo we should go hit some shlades, they get you so stoned.

shit we need to go to ace hardware and a headshop to make a shlade to get really stoned

can also be called, the gado, a shlood, gatorade, shlooderado, shladeville, earl,
by smetude November 18, 2010
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when will shlade show up? well he said half an hour, so i guess a couple hours from now. you know how shlade does it.
by Matt January 20, 2005
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