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Not to become confused with schlacker; a shlacker is a slacker sort of hacker. A shlacker may be "operating on a shoe string" simply because they won't get a job. Shlackers won't typically have the greatest computer skills, though they are formidable. They will hack for profit, given that the job is easy and has little to no risk involved and requires little to no effort. Very similar to the starving artist stereotype in that shlackers have skill, but do not typically profit from these skills.
Shemp: Dude, I got a hack on MSN Live Games to get free stuff. I just got a 360 faceplate and a tumbler!
Steve: Man, you never work for anything, you stupid hacker. You're such a shlacker.
by Samuel "Shemp" Gershman July 10, 2008
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