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Shizzlitus Has Been Likened To A Cancer Of The Soul After An Event Of Perticular Brilliance (Or A Shizztacular Thing Has Occured)

Although Non-Deadly Side-Effects Like Blindness Can Be Temporary Or Sometimes Not So Temporary (Perminant)

The Worst Cases Of The Disease Cause The Sufferer To Become Manically Depressed Due To The Fact That They Can See Nothing Of Such Brilliance Ever Happening To Them Again, And So Loose The Will To Live
Once Upon A Time Someone Called 'Romeo' Killed Himself Because Without His Girlfriend 'Juliet' His Life Would Have No Meaning (This Being Of His Suffering Of Shizzlitus), Then Upon Her Awaking To Find 'Romeo' Dead She Too Could See No Happyness In Her Life Without Him In Her Life(This Being Her Suffering Of Shizzlitus).

An In No Way Plagerised Tale Of Woe
by Sheva January 14, 2007
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