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1. An amazing , sensual feeling. Usually takes place when you're around someone you have hots for.

2. Best , unexplainable Sensation. Leaves people speechless and make them go crazy.
Hey man , i saw my ex and i could feel myself getting all shivya.
by Dhingara11 December 24, 2015
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A brilliant and brave girl who lives by her own rules. Even though many hates her and calls her a bitch, she owns it and pisses them all. She is a person who is true to herself and doesn't give two shits about what some fuck ups think about her. She has no time for shallow people who gives excuses. She owns her actions and doesn't blame others or give lame excuses because she's pragmatic.
How am I supposed to find a Shivya outta nowhere?
by Mekenzie1992 May 03, 2018
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