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proper spelling of city wok from south park, run by the pugnatious owner, and only chinamen in south park
herro wercome to shitty wok, herpa taka orda prease

oh yeah can i get the ummmm... the ummmmm...

you want a da shitty chicken, da shitty beef, shitty shrimp, how about da shitty pork, very good.
by teabagger shitness January 16, 2009
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New nickname for any crappy Asian restaurant: Based on the South Park restaurant City Wok...pronounced " shitty wok " by the owner.
Have you ever eaten at Ching Chong Chinaman?

Hell no! That's a shitty wok!!!
by thedzone October 10, 2009
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When a female counter-part gets her feces all over a man's ding dong after doing it up the butt, they engage in hot oral sex
Hey, kathleen, since we just had butt-sex and poop is all over my dick lets shitty wok and get it all in your mouth!
by TheSexyLosers August 17, 2011
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