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one who displays immense stupidity, and is happy to respond to the term publicly. Shitferbrains is only used in a public forum and has no value in general conversation. Typical venues for use of the word would be building sites etc - The word would be shouted loudly to gain the attention of the subject, who must respond without complaint
Oy shitferbrains go and get me a lefthanded screw driver

response - sure thing boss
by thentu September 21, 2006
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One who displays a lack of common sense
A fuckup
Joe really screwed up the assignment. He's such a shit fer brains.
by Fred January 19, 2003
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A southern term for a very dumb individual, is often used to give someone hell if they mess up on something simple.
"Man I tell you, that boy's got shit-fer-brains, he couldn't tell his own ass from a hole in the ground
by Eusophocleas June 26, 2016
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