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1. A person who is adept at busting lies and cracking bullshit. They work on the same principle as nutcrackers, but instead of cracking nuts or genitalia, they are used by others as tools to bite open hardened lumps of feces that may spout out from a person's mouth or anus.

2. A retarded person
1. Guy: What were you saying about Brown's cows lighting shit on your doorstep?
Girl: It gives me quite the shits
Guy: Your lies fool no one, not even me
Girl: Good for you shitcracker

2. Guy: See that guy over there?
Guy 2: Yeah, what a shitcracker
Guy: And see his girlfriend?
Guy 2: Yeah, shitcracker and cheese.
Guy: Let's hope he's not lactose intolerant.
by niiien March 12, 2010
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Natchei Nails uses this when she's pissed off

it means "son of a bitch" or "shit" "fuck the world"
it also means crackers full of shit
Natchei Nails (Friend ID:40973734) said on myspace today
"Go eat shit crackers" because she was pissed and frustrated
by Thomas the Train January 22, 2008
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Crackers that are stale or have been made soggy in any way. Usually eaten with Cheese Piss.
Ol' Greg really loves those Shit Crackers with some Bailey's to dip 'em in. What a Shitgoose he is...
by Jimmy Sway March 31, 2010
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a phrase that is used much like "Son of a bitch." Used mostly to discribe disappointment.
I walked to my car in the parking lot and said "Ahhhhh Shit Crackers!" due to the fact that someone had keyed my honda.
by Mike Lent October 30, 2003
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