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Another way to say OH MY GOD or shit. An exclamation. Can be used in a good or bad situation.
Holy shitcasserole! I forgot to study for the I'm gonna fail.

Mega shitcasserole, that guy is hot!
by Livsteroo January 22, 2011
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Shit casserole involves making a bowel movement (a.k.a. dropping a douce, docking a sub, taking a shit, etc) into a portable waste receptacle on top of a previously deposited bowel movement, or poop. This process is repeated and mixed with urine (a.k.a) piss, and is left to rot in stagnant heat for days. Served fresh with a side of vomit.

This term can be applied to people who inherit a mix of undesirable qualities.
Fuck man, that dude is a total shit casserole.
by dobopopoopo August 16, 2011
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