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The act of defecating into a bag then turning the bag inside out and proceeding to hold the shit through the bag and apply it to the hood and windshield of a vehicle as if applying car wax or in a "wax on" fashion. These leaves a paper thin dried layer of feces on the vehicle witch requires vigorous scrubbing to remove. Those who have indulged in this act insist the best part is watching the victim attempted to clean the mess leaf behind
(Early mourning at the meeting place)
Chris: hahahahaha
Mike: what the fuck is so funny?
Chris: last night me and pat shit waxed some asshole's bmw and this mourning I saw him trying to spray it off with his garden hose!
Mike: hahah that will never work
Chris: ahhh I love a good shit wax
Mike: you brothas are fucking sick!
by fat sum March 18, 2008
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