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someone who lives or used to live down by the crick...which is a small river/stream in kirksville MO. more of an insult than a redneck because they stink something fierce.
person #1: he lives over by pc mills park.
person #2: he's a shit cricker.
by sadie phoenix January 30, 2009
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A person of low to no income, usually lives in section 8 or HUD approved government housing. It is not uncommon for such people to have more children than they do teeth, because they spawn like rabbits in order to get welfare and spend it on Meth.

Rumored to have originated from Kirksville MO.
*Sees a family of 10 in ill-fitting clothes , all 8 kids are screaming, running around like animals and the parents look like they're in desperate need of a dental appointment"

Me: Oh hey look, shit crickers!
by BelzebubOnTheLam June 13, 2016
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