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1. A lot

More than a fuck ton
More than a shit ton
It's a fucking "shit fuck ton"

2. The amount of something equal to what you can comprehend multiplied by 1.2.
Hey William!
Yeah Chris?
Get any pussy this weekend?
yeah, I got a shit fuck ton.
by Chuck McDowell July 10, 2010
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A combination of shitfuck and fuckton used to denote an extremely large quantity, more than a shit load or a fuckton.
How much reading do I have to do by tomorrow? A shitfuckton!
by d3monk1ng June 27, 2010
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1. an extremely large, ginormous amount, bigger than your mom's ass and the fucking universe, usually used to describe an emotion or feeling towards something in a good or bad way
I love you a shitfuckton, because i'm just that awesome and a lot just isn't enough.
by lmw1207 May 07, 2012
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