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JJ: So how'd it go with that four armed blue/purple haired hottie?

Jyass: Dude, she wassa dude, but I locked my cock in his shit closet all night anyway
by Jyarsse December 13, 2006
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A closet in which a person takes a shit in, hence the name Shit Closet. Usually done in privacy and without the knowledge of others such as family or peers
"Fuck! My mum found the shit closet"
by Racist_Yellow_Man March 06, 2019
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the small room found off the master bathroom that measures approximately 4 x 4 that houses only a toilet. A small place one goes to shit.
Bob has been in the shit closet for over an hour now, what the hell is he doing in there?
by Miss Canuck January 04, 2011
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