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A run down school that looks like Alcatraz from Mob of the dead on black ops 2, located between Coloma, a girls school full of ogres, and Oasis, a school full of shitty roadmen that think they can 'take mans girl' when 'mans girl' has already been washed up from other schools and is waiting for a sloppy fourth to spread their STDs.
-"what's that shit hole called again?"
-"oh yh! Shirley high school"
by GxT March 05, 2017
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A high school where students eat marijuana brownies and get put in newspaper articles. There is a drug supplier in the school. It is located between Coloma, the Smurfs.
You go to that shit school, Shirley High?

Want some weed brownies ask savannah from Shirley high school!
by Savannah Thomas April 18, 2019
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Shit school in Shirley with the best weed brownies I’ve ever tasted and some nonce teachers. Located between the Smurfs and Oasis roadman school.
β€œWhat’s that place with those really good brownies?”

β€œYou mean Shirley High School? Make sure to ask for Mr Templeman though or you might get bum-fucked by Mr Tormey”
by DJ Keith June 24, 2019
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