A shiny is where you spit on your fingers like you were going to shine something and shine your bellend.
I'm going to give myself a shiny rather than a wank tonight.
by Deanybean April 14, 2010
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a word to describe a person due to their general appearance. usually meant in a harsh way to cover up the true reason for calling someone this: love.
PERSON 1: 'Hey, look, there's Shiny'
PERSON 2: 'Yeah I mean look at her face...so disgusting'

*PERSON 1 is sad as he is actually in love with Shiny*
by ihatecarrots April 27, 2011
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"damn that bitch just went shiny-out
I hope her boyfriend doesn't find out"

"shiny-out. and I thought she was wearing underwear"
by mrtwidlywinks December 22, 2008
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Shiny kids is a term used by Game Server Administrators to describe rather irritating children who persistently annoy the Administrators by constantly asking for their attention.

Typically, a "shiny kid", is a child between 8 and 16 who plays on public online game server (e.g. Minecraft servers). They usually "hack", or use cheat programs on the game and then moan to Admins when others do the same thing.

They enjoy making other players rage, by trolling them and attempting to simply annoy everyone in the game.

The term was originally made by an administrator on the TNT Factions Minecraft Server who goes by the name "Mlickism". In a text message to the Owner of the server ("Cydp3"), auto-correct edited his message to read:
"Damn fanboy shiny kids", as opposed to what he meant to say:
"Damn f**king whiny kids".
Can you please get on the server soon? The shiny kids are doing my head in!
Please stop being a shiny kid and just play the game like everyone else.
The shiny kids were on last night. They were so annoying I just ragequit.
Admins can you please ban the shiny kids?
by Cydp3 October 21, 2012
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A really attractive girl. Can be used an an adjective or a noun. Synonymous to hot, attractive, gorgeous, beautiful, pretty...
"Yo check out that shiny over there"
"So shiny"
"Yeah that girl's pretty shiny"
"Are there going to be any shinies at the SUB?"
"Who's the Shiniest of them all in Civil?"
"That's a really shiny girl"
by KUUBCSULLI October 30, 2015
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A pokemon encountered in the wild with an alternative coloring; they also sparkle as they come out of your pokeball once you catch it - which is highly advised, seeing as there is a 1 in 8,192 chance of encountering one each battle. It's a pretty good idea to use a master ball on one if you see one, as the pokemon can sometimes flee before you get a chance to throw your pokeball or you can accidentally weaken it too much and KO it - which is a little like liquid gold running through your fingers.
Josh encountered a shiny pokemon - a Bellsprout - last week; he was so excited that he jumped up and down and accidentally made his Charizard use Fire Blast. He is now in the midst of a deep depression.
by Shiny Bulbasaur April 21, 2013
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A demon who was famed to have shined in the middle of a long and lonesome road. He threatened to eat the souls of Jack Black and Kyle Gass if they didn't play the best song in the world.
All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon in the middle of the road, And he said: "Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your soul!"
by AlmightyDemonBob September 15, 2003
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