Fingering a girl after eating spicy food (Wings, tabasco etc.) and accidentally forgetting to wash your hands.
The Catch is that you actually think that you're amazing due to the screaming until she tells you that it burns uncontrollably - then you do the math and figure it all out.
I accidentally Fire Blasted my girlfriend last night...


Yeah, we were sitting there after i downed a dozen pickled eggs covered in Tobasco Sauce...

Her: Ooohhhh my godddd owwww
Him: Yeah wow is right you love it
Her: No it burns
Him: Oh woops...
Her: Woops what?
Him: Never mind Baby...
by Boumeester June 02, 2006
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To rub your penis in habeneros and then place penis inside of females Butthole.
"Dude, I fire blasted that chick from the bar last night!"
by slylittleperson October 30, 2014
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